Offering Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments in Europe by Kerala Ayurveda doctors.
Locations, Spain, Germany and Netherlands please ask us about locations in details
The Kerala Ayurveda panchakarma includes
 full board customized Ayurvedic meals,
 Daily consultations with Kerala Ayurveda doctors
 Daily Ayurvedic therapies and Panchakarma.
 Medicines from Kottakkal Arya vaidyasala or renowned Ayurveda pharmacies from Kerala.
 Ayurveda lifestyle classes and cooking classess
Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma is renowned for treating Auto-immune
diseases and degenerative diseases (except cancer) like Multiple Sclerosis, Degenerative nerve
diseases, Muscular Dystrophy, Joint Problems including Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis and
Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Ideally, preparative online consultations (or in person at Barcelona Kerala Ayurveda institute)
is given to start with the preparative diet regulations-starting one month prior to the
Panchakarma Retreat. Along with three months of follow up consultation are offered after the
Panchakarma programme -either online or in person at by Qualified Ayurveda practitioners

Special Ayurveda diet customized to the disease condition and stage of each person is offered
throughout the Panchakarma retreat.

More information about Panchakarma and treatments. Check in: 17:00 H and Check out: 10:00 H
Minimum days for Panchakarma retreat is 2 weeks (determined after the initial consultation with the
Price:250€/ Night-Single occupancy double Room
Price: 210€/night-shared double occupancy double room
3 Ayurvedic personalized meal per day (vegetarian) 
2 Ayurvedic treatments per day
60 minute basic yoga class per day (as per the recommendation of the Physician )
Online or direct consultation 30 days before starting the retreat
Daily consultation with two Kerala Ayurveda doctors all days during the retreat
Follow up online or face to face consultation in Barcelona, till 3 months after the retreat


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