Kerala Ayurveda Institute-Barcelona

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Dr.OSN Ghosh, M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D

Científico Principal en la División de Medicina Personalizada

Dr.OSN Ghosh is the Principal Scientist at Personalized Medicine Division, One Health Research Group – KAIB, Barcelona, Spain. He is also the Head of Q M E I I A C S Research Laboratory, BRIIC, India. His current research interests includes: Personalized Precision Health Systems for One Health, Technology incubation in Bharatheeya Knowledge Sytems, and advanced characterization and validation of emergent phenomena in Matter-Quantum Matter-Complex System interfaces using phenomenological and analytical methods. Prior to Personalized Precision Health Systems he has worked in strategic research areas including systems engineering of nanohybrids for various applications including nanocatalysis, metamaterials, energy, nanomedicine, nanophotonics and biowarfare remediation